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Nova Pelvic Health Therapy

Nova Health Physical Therapy

Incontinence affects many women and men throughout our lives, whether due to fitness and sports activities, childbirth, hormonal changes or surgery. Pelvic pain that lasts more than 6 months is considered to be chronic and can affect quality of life.  We approach pelvic health needs by systematically and comprehensively looking at different body systems, including the urologic, gynecologic, gastrointestinal, neurologic and musculoskeletal to identify and treat the issue.

What Is Pelvic Health Therapy?

Our women’s health services in Eugene include the treatment of pain and discomfort in the pelvic area. Your pelvic floor muscles perform a range of tasks each day, including supporting your pelvic organs, assisting with bowel movements, and controlling bladder function. They also play a role in sexual arousal. When the pelvic organs weaken, you may notice problems in these areas. 
Pelvic health therapy can treat the issues associated with weak pelvic muscles resulting from childbirth or conditions like endometriosis. 
Our providers can offer several methods of therapy to help you restore your pelvic floor’s function. A few of the techniques you may experience during pelvic floor therapy include: 
  • Exercises: We will teach you to relax and contract your pelvic floor to build strength and improve flexibility. Learning breathing techniques can enhance the effectiveness of these exercises.
  • Manual therapy: Through massage and stretching, we can restore mobility to your pelvic floor while also helping you repair your posture.
  • Biofeedback: We can use a probe to show you how your pelvic floor muscles function and better understand where you need to focus your therapy.
  • Electrical stimulation: Using a low-voltage electrical current can help patients learn to coordinate their muscle function

Our Approach to Pelvic Health Therapy in Eugene

Our pelvic health therapist, Gail Apte, has earned her terminal degree (ScD in physical therapy) with specialization in pelvic health and has completed Fellowship training in Orthopedics. Gail has been working in women’s health for the past 32 years and is dedicated to improving the quality of life of men and women with pelvic problems. 

Our women’s health services include the treatment of pain and discomfort associated with:

Working with your primary and specialty providers, we carefully consider your history and perform a thorough clinical and tissue-specific pelvic examination to determine the best physical therapy approach for managing your pain. Your individualized treatment plan may include:

How Can Nova Health Help?

Our expert providers know how to improve your pelvic floor function through proven techniques. Our methods have achieved desired results with many patients. We can pivot to alternative methods if a treatment is ineffective, and we keep you informed throughout the therapy process. You’ll always know why we do what we do. We believe the patient plays a critical role in their physical therapy’s success, so we ask a lot of you, but you get a lot in return.

Our women’s pelvic health therapy in Eugene can help you feel better, regardless of how long you have lived with incontinence or other conditions. If your pelvic health makes your daily life more challenging, seek help and improve your quality of life. Let Nova Health help you feel and function better.

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