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National Facial Protection Month and Shielding Yourself with Proper Sports Gear

After a year in which COVID-19 put many of our favorite sporting activities on hold, millions of Americans are ready to suit up and hit the court, field, track, and ice to

Identify the Signs of Stress and Healthy Ways to Cope

Every day you’re hustling. You run from work to homeschooling your kids, to volunteer work, to spin class, to the grocery store, and before you know it, the day has ended, you’re

Workplace (and Work from Home) Eye Wellness

The COVID-19 pandemic suddenly migrated behaviors and routines that we once completed in person behind a computer screen. Within weeks, children were participating in online learning, patients realized the convenience of telemedicine
TBI awareness & spring break safety

Raising Awareness for TBI and Spring Break Safety

After the long, cold, dark months of winter, nothing sounds better than a spring break vacation somewhere warm and tropical. Sadly, spring break parties often mix with risky behavior for far too