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James W. Daskalos, DO

Nova Health Occupational Medicine


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Dr. Daskalos has been practicing medicine for over 49 years. After receiving his Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine degree from the Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine and Surgery in Kirksville, Missouri, he committed the entirety of his over five decades of medical service to Tillamook and Douglas Counties. He has treated patients in a variety of settings, including family practice, obstetrics, emergency room, urgent care, and occupational medicine. His breadth of experience has given him the knowledge and expertise to treat even the most complex cases, and his skills are balanced by his common, compassionate demeanor. Dr. Daskalos’s patients trust him to serve as their ally and partner in coursing through the complex healthcare system.

“What I love most about practicing medicine is the satisfaction of seeing patients improve by helping guide them through the complex health care process”


Dr. Daskalos has served in many leadership positions both within the Oregon medical community and in his hometown communities of Tillamook and Roseburg. His medical interests included co-founding the first Urgent Care Clinic in Southern Oregon, Harvard Urgent Care, in 1984. He was also instrumental in helping establish the work hardening and return-to-work program for Pacific Institute of Rehabilitation in Roseburg Oregon, where he served as the Medical Director. He founded the first occupational outpatient clinic in Roseburg, treating occupational injuries and including preplacement screening and drug and alcohol screening through the Occupational Medicine Clinic of Roseburg. As president of Mercy Medical Group, he established the Business Health Network for the treatment of injured workers. He was also the Medical Director for the Cow Creek Indian Health and Wellness Center.

Presently, Dr. Daskalos serves as a Medical Director for the newly established Nova Occupational Medicine Clinic in Roseburg. Thanks to his past experiences, he feels confident that he can guide patients through the complicated medical system for treatment and case management of job-­related injuries. The Nova Occupational Medicine Clinic also staffs in-house physical and occupational therapists collaborating directly with Dr. Daskalos for continuity of care for the injured worker. The clinic also offers drug and alcohol screenings, preplacement exams, and commercial driver’s license and department of transportation (CDL/DOT) physicals.

His community services have included serving as the president of the Tillamook Catholic School Board, a board member and president of the Roseburg High School Boosters Club, president of the Tillamook Medical Society, and president of the Tillamook Hospital Board. He has been involved in student athletics as a coach, physician, and cheerleader. For his contributions in the medical field and community activities, he was awarded as one of the Ten Outstanding Young Men of America by the National Junior Chamber of Commerce in 1979. Other recipients that year included Bill Clinton, Governor of Arkansas at the time, John Denver, singer-songwriter, and Rocky Bleier, Pittsburgh Steelers Hall of Fame football player.

When Dr. Daskalos is not treating patients, he enjoys spending family time with his wife of 56 years, four children, and nine grandchildren. He especially enjoys his involvement in his grandchildren’s high school and college sports activities. In the past, he and his family have been involved in skiing. Most recently, he has been trying to learn the secrets of golf. He enjoys hunting and camping with his sons in Eastern Oregon. In the past, he was an owner of a Winston Racing Series Stock Car that his son drove. The highlights of the racing involvement included pre-racing for the Winston Cup Series and the Indy Car Series at their road course events.

“One of my primary goals in caring for patients is to try and convince them how important it is to live a life of moderation, daily. Keep a positive attitude and have a willingness to seek help and advice when needed.”


  • Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine and Surgery, Kirksville, MO, 1970
  • Bachelor of Science, University of Portland, Portland, OR, 1966


  • Nova Urgent Care (formerly Roseburg Urgent Care) | Medical Director, Physician |2014 – 2019
  • Evergreen Family Medicine | Urgent Care Provider | Roseburg, OR | 2008 – 2014
  • Monarch Medical Weight Loss Clinic | Part-Time Physician | Roseburg, OR | 2007 – 2009
  • Cow Creek Health and Wellness Center | Medical Director | Roseburg, OR |1999 – 2007
  • Cascade Medical Group | Emergency Room and Occupational Medicine Physician | Springfield, OR | 1997 – 1999
  • Business Health Network, Mercy Medical Group | Founder | Roseburg, OR | 1995 – 1997
  • Mercy Medical Group | President, Director | Roseburg, OR | 1994 – 1997
  • Occupational Medicine of Roseburg | Physician | Roseburg, OR | 1988 – 2011
  • Pacific Institute of Rehabilitation | Medical Director | Roseburg, OR | 1987 – 1996
  • Harvard Urgent Care Clinic | Founder, Physician | Roseburg, OR | 1985 – 1994
  • Douglas County, OR | Assistant Country Medical Examiner | Roseburg, OR | 1983 – 1985
  • Southern Oregon Pain Center | Medical Director, Chronic Pain Management Program | Roseburg, OR | 1983 – 1985
  • Douglas Community Hospital | Emergency Room Physician | Roseburg, OR | 1978 – 1985
  • Tillamook County, OR | Chief County Medical Examiner | Tillamook, OR | 1973 – 1978
  • Tillamook County General Hospital | Chief of Staff | Tillamook, OR | 1973 – 1975
  • Family Practice | Physician | Tillamook, OR | 1971– 1978
  • Tillamook County, OR | Assistant County Medical Examiner | Tillamook, OR | 1971-1973
  • Oklahoma Osteopathic Hospital | Resident Intern | Tulsa, OK | 1970 – 1971


  • “Disseminated Vascular Coagulopathy Literature Review,” Journal of Osteopathic Medicine, 1971

Licensure and Affiliations

  • Douglas County Medical Society
  • Douglas County Independent Physician Association (IPA)
  • Oregon Osteopathic Association
  • Arizona Osteopathic Medical Association
  • Board Certified in Urgent Care Medicine
  • Sigma Sigma Phi National Osteopathic Honorary Society, Present
  • Psi Sigma Alpha National Osteopathic Honorary Society, Present
  • Oregon Board of Medical Examiners, 1997 – 2001
  • Lane County Independent Physician Association (IPA), 1997-1999
  • Oregon Medical Association, 1995 – 1997
  • Lane County Medical Society, 1982 – 1993, 1997 – 1999
  • Board of Trustees, Oregon Osteopathic Association, 1978 – 1982
  • Member of the Sub-Area Counsel for Comprehensive Health Care, 1974 – 1977
  • Physician Coordinator for Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Training Certification, 1974 – 1977
  • President, Tillamook County Medical Society, 1974
  • Board of Directors, Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counsel of Tillamook County, 1973 – 1977
  • Alternate Delegate to American Osteopathic Society, 1973 – 1975
  • American Academy of Osteopathic General Practitioners, 1971 – 1978
  • Tillamook County Medical Association, Tillamook, OR, 1971 – 1978

Awards and Recognition

  • Ten Outstanding Young Men of America, National Junior Chamber of Commerce, 1979
  • Junior Citizen of the Year, Tillamook Jaycees, 1978
  • Five Outstanding Young Men of Oregon, Oregon Jaycees, 1978

Community Service

  • President, Roseburg High School Booster Club, 1991 – 1993
  • Roseburg High School Booster Club, Roseburg, OR, 1989 – 1996
  • Tillamook Pig’n Ford Association, Tillamook, OR, 1973 – 1980
  • Tillamook Elks Club, Tillamook, OR, 1972 – 1978
  • Tillamook Jaycees, Tillamook, OR, 1972 – 1978
  • Tillamook Catholic School Board President, Tillamook, OR, 1975 – 1977
  • Tillamook Catholic Schools Board, Tillamook, OR, 1974 – 1977

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