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COVID-19 Employee Testing and Management Program

Returning to Work?

Let us help you implement a COVID-19 Testing Program.

We have all felt losses from COVID-19 — lost time with loved ones, lost jobs, and lost sleep. At Nova Health, we are committed to doing our part to help the members of our community start taking the steps needed to return to work safely while continuing to minimize the risk of virus spread.

Through our COVID-19 Employee Testing and Management Program, we monitor the health of employees through:

COVID-19 Screening and Testing

• Onsite testing
• Employee risk management education
• Issuance of employer safety guidelines

Employee Health Monitoring

• Available telemedicine follow-up results for impacted employees
• Ongoing patient disease management treatment and counseling
• Return-to-work evaluations and clearance

Human Resource Management Support

• Maintenance of an employee test result registry for long-term risk management
• Coordination of HIPPA-compliant testing and release forms
• Risk management training for supervisors and managers

To learn more about our COVID-19 Employee Testing Program, use the contact form below and a representative will contact you. 

COVID-19 Screening

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