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Now Accepting New Patients

Telemedicine Now Available

Nova Health is now offering telemedicine services in Oregon  focused on treating new and existing patients for many common ailments. Telemedicine services are similar to the services our patients receive in our clinics, except, they are provided in in a patient’s home via an app or web browserPatients and Telemedicine providers are able to see and speak with each other.

Online Scheduling Now Available

Nova Health is offering online scheduling options for primary care and urgent care services. With our online scheduling tool, you’ll never need to worry about calling during business hours, waiting on hold, or calling back to change your appointment. You manage your appointment schedule when it’s convenient for you.

Ready for Flu Season?

Get your Flu Shot

Getting your yearly flu shot from Nova Primary Care or Nova Urgent Care is a quick and convenient way to protect yourself from the flu.

On-Site Employer Flu Shots

To help protect your employees and your business, find out how Nova Health will host a drop-in flu shot clinic at your location.

Nova Health News and Tips

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Is it Pneumonia or COVID-19?
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COVID-19 Screening

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