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How can we help you today?

COVID Testing

Check in online at an Urgent Care location or schedule a Telemedicine Visit and then we will swab you at our Telemedicine testing site.

Urgent Care

Skip the wait and schedule your urgent care visit online at a Nova Urgent Care location near you.


 It’s easy to schedule and have an urgent care telemedicine visit from the comfort of your own home.

Primary Care

Whether searching for a new provider for ongoing care or are a current patient that needs to schedule and appointment, you’re just a click away.

Looking for the COVID Vaccine?

Nova Health has not yet received the COVID-19 vaccine from the state health authority for community disbursement. 

Once we receive the vaccine and can offer it to the community per state and CDC guidelines, updates will be made on our website. 

When the vaccine is available appointments will be required. We are not starting a waitlist at this time.
Please check back often for updated information. 

Nova Health News and Tips

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